Sunday, July 12, 2009

Places to Visit in Dindigul District - Tourist, Picnic Places

Dindigul is the city and municipality in Tamilnadu which is the state of South India. It is an Administrative headquarters of Dgl district.

Dindigul district has Popular tourist places include the Dindigul Fort which is one of the major landmarks of city is situated from several kilometres,
Peranai and Sirumalai hills, two major outing spots in the surrounded by the town, and the Sri Kottai Mariamman Kovil, a 200 year old temple.

Places nearby:

Kodaikanal: A popular Summer haunt, placed at an altitude of 2133 meters in the Western Ghats which is about 100 km from the city.

Athoor: Kamarajar Lake - Places to stay: Double Dutch haunt and Cardamom House located in the border of Athoor Kamarajar Lake in Kamarajar Valley on the spurs of the Western Ghats, provides accommodation in smoothly furnished rooms.

Lord Muruga - The Lord Muruga idol is made of Navabashanam. Theertham
of the temple has medicinal benefits because of spiritual benefits.Rope car and winch are available to reach the temple. During Thai Poosam,people are coming from various parts of the state by walk.
Places to stay: Double Dutch haunt and Cardamom Houselocated in the border of Athoor Kamarajar Lake in Kamarajar Valley on the spurs of the Western Ghats, provides accommodation in smoothly furnished rooms.

Anaipatti: Lord Anjaneyar is being worshipped in Anaipatti.

Thadikombu: The village is located in Dindigul -Banglore national highways 7 km from Dindigul in telugu thadi means palm tree and kombu means koottam in tamil or group in english. As the place has full of palm trees it was named as thadikombu. The place contains a beautiful Soundararaja perumal temple. Sculptures are very popular and they have resemblance of krishnapuram temple.There is a big mandapam with 16 big sculptures 10 feet in height all made of single stones. The sourna akarshana bairavar here is very powerful and the pirai ashtami pooja is very famous. There is a separate sannidhi for chakrathalvar.

Kunnuvarankottai or Kunnapatti: Lord Visalakshi-Visvanathar temple is situated near

Sirumalai - Hill Resort: It is on the way to Natham from Dgl. It can also be reached from Madurai also.


Kannan said...

Good post.

Kannan said...

Good post.

Anonymous said...

Please give Dindigul to Kodaikanal bus timings

Sathiya said...

Just posted a post for Dindigul to kodaikanal bus timings

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