Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dindigul District Schools

Dindigul District Schools

  1. John Paul Higher Secondary School(My School)
  2. Nehruji Matriculation School (My Primary School)
  3. Kennedy Matriculation School[Near Railway Station]
  4. [St.Mary's Higher Secondary School]
  5. Ziaudeen & Azharudden Primary School [DINS]
  6. Om Shanthi Higher Secondary School [CBSE]
  7. Soundararaja Vidyalaya [CBSE]
  8. C.S.I.Dudley Higher Secondary School
  9. Nehuruji Memorial Municipal Higher Secondary School
  10. [1]St.Mary’s Higher Secondary School which is run by catholic missionaries] .
  11. MSP Solai Nadar Memorial Higher Secondary school.
  12. Arul Jothi Vallalar Higher secondary school
  13. St.Josephs Girls Higher secondary School.
  14. Annamalaiar Mills Girls Higher Secondary School
  15. J.K.Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  16. S.M.B.Manickam nadar Packiathamal Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  17. Seventh-day Adventist Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  18. MV Muthiah Pillai Mariammal Girls Matriculation Higher Secondary School
  19. Meenakshi Higher Secondary School
  20. Shri Maharishi Vidya Mandir [CBSE]
  21. Savithri Vidhyalaya Middle School
  22. St.Chinnappar High School
  23. St.Joseph's High School,West Arockiamatha street(Sebastin Pradeep)
  24. Vidya Parthi Matric Higher Secondary School
  25. KK Ayyanadar Matric Higher Secondary School
  26. Lions matriculation School
  27. Lourde's Nursery School
  28. Sri Vasavi Middle School
  29. Sri Vasavi Matriculation School
  30. St.Antony's Higher Secondary School.
  31. Thambi Thottam Higher secondary school, Gandhigram (S.Arockia viswanath, 1998-1999 batch)
  32. N.S.V.V Schools (For Boys , Girls,matric,elimentry,child), Pattiveeranpatti
  33. Saraswathi vidyalaya,(CBSE) treasuary road, DINDIGUL-1
  34. Vasavi Metriculation higher secondary school, DINDIGUL-1


Lynelle said...

People should read this.

bubbly said...

hi there can u give the websites of these schools

Anonymous said...

hi, can you please give us the contact number and address of these schools

Anonymous said...

hi...i'm dinesh.. ur information is good... but u left S.D.A school which is nearer to parsons court and soundararaja sc

Gowri Saravanan said...

there is no adress ph no & contact details

gowri saravanan.v

Sathiya said...

Hi Flowers. I will make sure to make changes based on your comments. You can see in shot period.

jayanth said...

kindly give us the phone no of our lady of velankanni

kumar said...

If any one in Dindigul collect the correct Phone and Mobile Nos. of each and every school with their postal address and email id, which will be appreciated. A simple way to collect the particulars is to contact the Cheif Educational Officer, Dindigul. I remember the office located in Round Road near SP Bungalow. Perhaps the CEO will help in this task.
Jeyakumar, Principal, JK Typewriting Institute, previously in Aarthi Theatre Road, Dindigul.

Chandra said...

pls give us the address of theses school

Anonymous said...


Can pls advise to me which CBSE School prviding best education in Dindigul

Kind Regards

Srimurugan T A
email :

Aloy said...

What is "S.Arockia viswanath, 1998-1999 batch" near "31 Thambi Thottam Higher secondary school, Gandhigram" .

You copied it somewhere. where did u get this?

veeramuthu said...

where is my school name?........ so it is partial report about dindigul district school

Anonymous said...

Our lady of lourdes girls hr is missing

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